More and more, municipal officials are turning to technologies to make cities smarter, safer and more livable. In this regard, facial recognition can come in handy to help solve various challenging municipal issues.

“Driven by data intelligence and grounded in values of sustainability, mobility and connectivity, cities can streamline their evolution by embracing new technologies, backed by data and artificial intelligence,” said a recent blog post by Convergint. “One emerging technology that is becoming more important for cities is facial recognition. By integrating facial recognition capabilities cities are enabled to improve their performance.”

According to Convergint, facial recognition brings various benefits for cities. These are summarized as follows.

Find and recover missing persons
Locating and finding missing persons is always a top priority for municipalities, and facial recognition can help in this regard. “Facial recognition can significantly accelerate technology operators’ efforts by enabling them to add a reference photo provided by the missing person’s relatives and match it with past appearances of that face that have been captured on video,” the post said. “Using facial recognition to search video based on the approximate area and time the person disappeared, police can quickly understand the person’s movements before going missing, locate where the person was last seen on camera, and configure real-time alerts to trigger an alarm whenever face matches are identified.”

Identify and track known offenders
According to the post, face matching can be used to enable police to track and identify past offenders suspected of perpetrating an additional crime. “By using an image of an offender from within a video, an uploaded external image, or a national offenders repository, operators can use facial recognition to detect matches that appear in live video and quickly respond to suspicious behavior,” it said.

Efficiently investigate and reduce crime
Needless to say, fighting crime is a major effort for any municipality. “The same way face matching can be used to detect suspicious behavior in real-time, it can be used to support investigators searching for video evidence in the aftermath of an incident,” Convergint said. “The ability to isolate the appearances of specific suspects and individuals is critical for accelerating investigators’ review of video evidence to pinpoint relevant details and understand how situations developed.”

Manage city staff and optimize their productivity
Internally, facial recognition can also be used to drive productivity within city hall, the post said. “By tracking the appearances of city workers across the cameras at city hall, the city can easily verify and track attendance records. Similarly, they can use it to confirm that cleaning staff is performing the maintenance being reported as complete,” it said. “From a customer service standpoint, cities can leverage video analytics to derive quantitative intelligence about traffic patterns at city hall, like when crowding occurs, how long visitors wait for service, or which city employees are most efficient in providing support.”

A word on regulation compliance
While facial recognition has become more accurate and can help cities with various objectives, it has also introduced a range of issues and concerns, including those dealing with residents’ privacy. “Cities and governments are still exploring how to balance the benefits of technology with the legal and regulatory concerns over its use. The laws governing the use of video surveillance and facial recognition vary from country to country, and when deploying such a system, it is important to comply with the applicable regulation,” the post said. “Cities continue to work with their technology producers, federal governments, and residents to navigate the use of face recognition, ensuring fairness, transparency, accountability, and privacy compliance.”


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Visitor management can be said of as the first line of defense in an office setting. However, the traditional paper log method has become obsolete and can’t perform its security function very well. Electronic visitor management systems, then, become ideal due to their many benefits.

Visitor management systems’ growth potential can’t be ignored, with forecasting the global visitor management system market size to grow from US$823.8 million in 2018 to US$1.3 billion in 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 6.81 percent during the period.

Indeed, offices are increasingly turning to visitor management systems amid concerns for fake guests or blacklisted people causing trouble. “An unwanted intruder can be life-threatening, can cause unwanted and unexpected destruction to your office that results in a huge loss for your business. The paper-based system cannot provide a solid answer when it comes to securing your office space,” said a recent blog post by M2SYS. “Only a proper visitor management system can safeguard you from these unwanted and unexpected situations.”

According to M2SYS, a visitor management system carries many benefits which are summarized as follows.

Visitor management system can keep proper log
A visitor management system keeps proper track of visitors, including their demographic detail, their reason for visiting the office and their host information. “No matter who enters your office, if you have a visitor management system, they have to enter their name, so whatever they do they can be tracked and can be reported to the police,” the post said.

Further, some high-tech visitor management system even uses biometric information that’s nearly impossible to forge, it said. “This means no matter how your visitor disguises themselves to hide their true identity, a biometric-based visitor management system can easily detect them,” the post said.

Visitor management system can blacklist intruder
According to the post, in a manual system, the end user entity can hardly detect or blacklist an intruder, and even if they do there is no scope for detecting them in the future. “Using a robust visitor management system you can blacklist an intruder and restrict their future entry,” it said. “If you use a visitor management system, you can recognize an intruder very easily. Blacklisting an intruder becomes more effective if your visitor management system uses biometric technology for visitor identification.”

Visitor management system can send automated alert
According to the post, it’s not only an intruder that can pose a threat to the office. “It can be an unwanted event like fire or earthquake. It can occur where everyone needs to be notified for an emergency exit,” it said. “A manual system cannot send automated alert to all of your employees, but a robust visitor management system can do it. Using a visitor management system you can send alert for immediate exists so that all of your employees can stay safe.”

Visitor management system can send digital badge
A digital badge is secure, cost-saving and environmentally friendly, the post said. “Using a digital badge will save your money on printing plastic visitor ID. A visitor management system can generate digital badges and send it automatically to your visitor’s phone. In a manual system, providing a digital badge is nearly impossible or costly,” it said.

The post concluded by saying CCTV cameras and security guards are not enough to establish the utmost security in the office. “Absence of a proper visitor management system makes the whole security system ineffective. Adding a visitor management system creates a proper safeguard that no one can break,” it said. “Establishing unbreakable security keeps your office safe from an unwanted intruder.”


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IDVACO has participated in the largest security industry trade show in the United States – ISC West for the first time. The 3-days event was held at Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas from 10 to 12 April 2019.

A variety of IDVACO state-of-the-art solution from smart cameras to AI-powered network video recorders was showcased in the event. IDVACO AI-Powered NVR, being the star product of the company, has received an overwhelming interest from the visitors.

IDVACO AI-Powered NVR outperform common network video recorder by offering smart features such as real-time face recognition, watch-list monitoring, search people by image etc.

Through the trade show, IDVACO has earned a great opportunity to network with industry professionals to explored innovative ideas and developed collaboration. It was a great attempt for IDVACO to interact with customers and raise brand recognition.


Discover more about IDVACO Deep Learning Solution

IDVACO, a Singapore-based video surveillance solutions provider has recently launched a series of state-of-the-art surveillance products and services. The full suite of products encompasses a wide range of deep-learning powered IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders. These respectable made-in-Singapore devices are specially targeted at every business (Small Medium Enterprises or Multi-National Companies) who are looking for high-quality and high-capacity surveillance equipment as an alternative option.



To achieve a fast and reliable face recognition accuracy, IDVACO has devoted a significant amount of time and effort on its research right at the beginning of product design to the final finished product.

IDVACO’s standalone intelligent IP cameras offers a series of features- and functions-rich capability. For instance, it has the ability to identify multiple targets simultaneously, facial feature recognition, as well as intelligent face detection that optimizes the exposure optimally and etc. These highly advanced cameras can also operate even in an exceptional low light conditions while still delivering excellent performance with an ultra-wide dynamic range.

What’s more, IDVACO also produce a wide range of entry-to-flagship level Network Video Recorders. With an incredible ultra HD 4K resolution available for recording, it allows the user to record the sharpest video footage yet have a better video source to work with without the fear of losing quality. Likewise, along with industry standard video compression (H.264 & H.265) also promises a huge bandwidth saving at the same time. On the whole, IDVACO’s AI-powered Network Video Recorder supports the ability to matching against a watch list of individuals in the images database. The face database can hold up to 50,000 images and still perform at a high recognition rate.



IDVACO always strives to fulfil customer’s requirements in every way possible. IDVACO aims to leverage on powerful algorithms and deep learning technology to improve our client’s monitoring capabilities and quickly identify and examine the potential issues, irregularities, or events of interest.


IDVACO will also be making their first appearance at the International Security Conference & Exposition, known as ISC West in April, 2019 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas.