IDVACO, a Singapore-based video surveillance solutions provider has recently launched a series of state-of-the-art surveillance products and services. The full suite of products encompasses a wide range of deep-learning powered IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders. These respectable made-in-Singapore devices are specially targeted at every business (Small Medium Enterprises or Multi-National Companies) who are looking for high-quality and high-capacity surveillance equipment as an alternative option.



To achieve a fast and reliable face recognition accuracy, IDVACO has devoted a significant amount of time and effort on its research right at the beginning of product design to the final finished product.

IDVACO’s standalone intelligent IP cameras offers a series of features- and functions-rich capability. For instance, it has the ability to identify multiple targets simultaneously, facial feature recognition, as well as intelligent face detection that optimizes the exposure optimally and etc. These highly advanced cameras can also operate even in an exceptional low light conditions while still delivering excellent performance with an ultra-wide dynamic range.

What’s more, IDVACO also produce a wide range of entry-to-flagship level Network Video Recorders. With an incredible ultra HD 4K resolution available for recording, it allows the user to record the sharpest video footage yet have a better video source to work with without the fear of losing quality. Likewise, along with industry standard video compression (H.264 & H.265) also promises a huge bandwidth saving at the same time. On the whole, IDVACO’s AI-powered Network Video Recorder supports the ability to matching against a watch list of individuals in the images database. The face database can hold up to 50,000 images and still perform at a high recognition rate.



IDVACO always strives to fulfil customer’s requirements in every way possible. IDVACO aims to leverage on powerful algorithms and deep learning technology to improve our client’s monitoring capabilities and quickly identify and examine the potential issues, irregularities, or events of interest.


IDVACO will also be making their first appearance at the International Security Conference & Exposition, known as ISC West in April, 2019 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas.